Amer's Corner on the Interwebs


Hello, I am Amer.

I am a psychologist. And I love the following things:

🤖 Python programming

Some interesting programs that I have written, like Sudoku Solver and Life Visualizer

⌨️ LaTeX typesetting

I offer freelance service for typesetting PhD theses, research papers and reports.

🏙️ 3D modelling

Sketchup models

💻 My digital setup

The softwares and apps I use to enhance productivity, privacy and security

🎹 Playing keyboard

Videos of me playing the keyboard (Doraemon theme song, Beethoven's Für Elise)

✂️ Origami

🪵 Woodworking

🎥 Documentaries

'Awareness Series': A curated list of documentaries